Select Releases

Liar by Wound (lathe-cut LP)
A Dead Silence (lathe-cut LP)
Fear (lathe-cut LP)
Bondage Playground (7inch split with Merzbow)
Sonic Destruction (LP split with M.S.B.R.)
Scrapyard (picture LP split with Richard Ramirez)
Trocar (LP)
Diseased Translation (7")
Split (LP with The Homopolice)
Machofucker (LP)
You Will Do As Your Master Commands (7")
Split (7" with Pollutive Static)
Latex (LP with Richard Ramirez)
Cinema Calendar (7" collaboration with Nihilist Assault Group)
Untitled (LP split/collaboration with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer)
Rest Stop Deluxe (7" lathe)
Smegma vs. Black Leather Jesus (LP with Smegma)
The Andrew Liles Membrers Only Mixes (7" featuring Andrew Liles)

Decaying Behavior (split with The Haters)
First You Destroy their Faith
United States of Persuasion
A Purpose Not Necessary (split with Incapacitants)
Prove to Me that You're more than Meat
Yes, Sir! (Filth Play)
Torture Machinist
The Defining Love (Top/Bottom Exchange)
Untitled (split with Creation Through Destruction )
Every Male Alphabetically by Sin (double CD)
Split CD with Hiroshi Hasegawa

Plus, many tapes and cdr releases!!